Articles Posted by Eric Barton

Local Chefs And Farmers Discuss All Things OrganicAdvice on how to spot the real thing, and maybe when to back off that organic promise
Treasure Hunter Tommy Thompson In Jail Until He Admits Wh...Millions of gold coins went missing in 2010, just waiting for somebody to comb the evidence for clues.
The Disease Threatening Coral Reefs In Martin CountyA mysterious disease threatens to destroy an important reef ecosystem in Martin County that took centuries to build.
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Pro Golfer Greg Norman And His Plans For The FutureIn the next year, one of the best golfers of all time will reinvent his Jupiter Island life
When Technology Failed, Good Old Detective Work Led To Bu...For most of the 37 years that Captain Jeff Ardelean has worked as a state wildlife officer, he has been on the hunt for something that sounds like ...
Here's Why State Lawmakers May Change Florida's Higher Ed...State lawmakers consider a fundamental shift in the way Florida educates college students.
How Looking To Japan Could Help South Florida's Transit S...South Florida is doing something very Japanese, combining public and private-public transit, for the first time ever.