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Whalen’s soft-coated wheaten terrier, Molly, lounges in the comfy living room, photo by Jerry Rabinowitz

Approachable Luxury with Ally Whalen

The interior designer embraces a cozy, cottage chic vibe in her new Stuart home
Shot by Stuart Magazine on location at the home of Baylee Knipe in Locks Landing, Stuart. Photography by Jerry Rabinowitz

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Designers Baylee Knipe, Chelsey Neuhaus, and Jennifer Arteaga herald in the holiday season with festive tabletop creations

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Stylish Decor: Amy’s Favorite Interior Pieces
Disposable Gold Harvest table setting, prices start at $6 per piece, Sophistiplate

Feast Your Eyes

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The Importance Of Exquisite Ceilings In Luxury Homes

One of the most-appreciated facets when showing a luxury property is the attention given to the ceilings of a home. “Ceilings should further a home’s expressive look and feel,” says Ariel G. Chen, owner and principal designer at The Crafted Chen based in Port St. Lucie.

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Luxury is about moving beyond necessity to that which supports great comfort and pleasure. A sumptuous bathroom should invoke feelings of relaxation.

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