Tea Is Good For More Than Just Breakfast. Here Are 5 Way To Use...

We all know green tea offers health benefits and that a Starbucks chai is packed with more sugar than nutrients. But to further our knowledge, Maureen Ruggeri, owner of South Florida's Eat the Tea and self-proclaimed tea aficionado, offers up cures to daily ailments using leaves and herbs.

Do Your Future Self A Favor And Use These Skincare Products For Lifting And...

These products offer anti-aging and correcting properties to ensure your best future-self.

These Breakfast Recipes Are Sure To Give Your That Early Morning Boost

Healthy doesn't have to mean boring. These breakfast recipes from Tunie's Natural Grocery & Vitamin Market will get every morning off to a good start.

Sign Up For One Of These Fun Races To Put Yourself On Track For...

Your New Year's resolution to get in shape won't feel like a punishment when you sign up for these creative races coming to South Florida this spring.

Whether Raw Or Cooked, Make Vegetables A Part Of Your Daily Diet

With all the food trends out there today, it's hard to know what's truly good for you. When it comes to veggies, there are many ways to prepare our favorites. But whether we eat our greens raw or cooked isn't just a choice for our taste buds, it's also a choice for our health.

6 Night Creams To Consider Incorporating Into Your Bedtime Routine

These topicals work while you're sleeping so every morning you wake up refreshed. 

Try This Circuit Abdominal Workout From A U.S. Coast Guard Veteran

Circuit training has reached new heights of popularity with methods like CrossFit and Orange Theory. And it comes at no surprise. Not only do athletes see results, but daily workouts can take as little as 30 minutes. Nationally certified fitness instructor and U.S. Coast Guard veteran Carolyn Fogelsanger explains why it works.

4 Hair Flip-Worthy Products To Stock Up On This Fall

Trends and products you’ll need this fall.

Up Your Water Game With These Pinterest-Perfect Recipes

These fruit-infused water recipes will have you chugging, and reaping health benefits.

Staying Hydrated Should Be On The Top Of Your To-Do List. Here’s Why.

Your body needs water to carry out all of its functions, but often we (especially South Floridians) don’t drink as much as we need. Local licensed dietitian Judy Llodra shares tips to keep us out of hot water.​

Feel Fit And Fabulous In These Summer Styles – Stroke

Women’s jungle grove crosscut fit workout bikini

Feel Fit And Fabulous In These Summer Styles – Drive

No matter the activity, look good doing it.

Feel Fit And Fabulous In These Summer Styles – Vinyasa

No matter the activity, look good doing it.

Healthy Chef And Pilates Teacher Lee Cotton Shares Tips For Glowing Skin

No amount of cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers will accomplish healthy skin without a clean diet. These four foods recommended by Lee Cotton, healthy chef, pilates teacher and owner of Pilates & Your Palate, will put you on track to achieving a glowing complexion.

Survive the Sun

May is skin cancer detection and prevention month. Protect against UV rays with one of these defensive products.

The other kind of intelligence

The other kind of intelligence Edit Delete Unpublish Submitted by admin on Wed, 2015-04-29 03:45 Whether at work, home, in a relationship or with friends, the ability to communicate ideas and feelings effectively is invaluable. And, while we can’t necessarily change our IQs, we do have the capacity to enhance emotional intelligence. The term is a catch-all for self-awareness, emotion management, self motivation, self confidence, understanding for others and relations with others.Read more about The other kind of intelligence

Gearing up with Gadgets

Fitness gadgets are dominating the athletic scene with microfiber fabrics and Bluetooth technologies. Whether the plan is to stay local or take an adventurous trip, these six fitness gadgets will keep you active all summer long.

Beating the clock

Beating the clock Edit Delete Unpublish Submitted by admin on Tue, 2015-03-31 22:41 Q: What do hormone treatments do? A: If the male is deficient in testosterone, we’ll treat to get their levels back to a normal range. And usually the thing that’s going to [be affected] is their mood. It helps with their depression; it helps with their drive. It helps with their energy level. It helps with sexual dysfunction. It basically gives them a better overall sense of well being, and it also helps in aiding metabolism, building muscle and burning fat.Read more about Beating the clock

C’est La Vegan

C’est La Vegan Edit Delete Unpublish Submitted by admin on Tue, 2015-03-31 22:41 The Tabuleh Café Located inside the gluten-free and organic grocery store Planet Ozone, the Tabuleh Café serves natural and nutritious food from all around the world. The all-vegan Veggie Platter, which includes hummus, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, tabuleh and baba ghannouj, is its best-seller – made-to-order and served fresh daily by Head Chef Muhammad Hussein; 1601 SE Federal Highway, Stuart; 772.403.2199 The Green Wave CaféRead more about C’est La Vegan