The Noise Per Hook-Up Ratio: A Fisherman’s Evidence

It is a noisy world. But if you think that it’s boisterous on top, try living in the underwater world where sound travels up to five times faster­.

Why You Should Fish In Florida’s Inlets

Florida’s inlets provide a replenishment of clean, fresh ocean water and are vital to the health of our ecological community.

Guardians of the Sea

FAU's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce is protecting our coastal ecosystems and marine life, ensuring food security, and so much more

Reasons To Relax Before A Day Of Fishing

A day on the water is best paired with a relaxed mindset.

How Hurricanes Effect South Florida Fishing

Flat, calm waters without a breeze. Thick, torrid air that combines with afternoon rains providing the proverbial daily sauna.

A Quick Guide To Reels Perfect For Fishing On The Treasure Coast

The glassy, turquoise waters of the Treasure Coast are awaiting. Confidently, you head into the waters. Patiently, you await the hook up. You know what rod to bring. Now, it’s time to size up a reel to fit that rod.

How To Select The Right Fishing Rod And Become A Better Angler

Just as patience and confidence are necessary when fishing, we also need to have the right tools for the job. Let’s start by discussing the basics of the fishing rod.

When Mother Nature Prevents A Day On The Water

Time is such a precious commodity. When a short-lived gap of freedom presents itself, I’m usually out fishing. Recently, foul weather ruined my plans for the day, so I plop down on my recliner and sulk for a bit while aimlessly channel surfing—that is, until my wife takes control of the remote.

How Underwater Conditions Affect Fish Migration

Florida waters have seasons just like we do above. Underwater, the conditions undergo changes that affect not only water temperatures but also the different species of fish that come and go yearly. This is referred to as migration.

Be Sure To Check The Tides Before A Long Day Of Fishing Out On...

As you ready yourself for another angling adventure, stock the cooler, pack the tackle bag and rig up. There is one more thing to cross off the to-do list: check the tides.
Sitting pretty at Jupiter Beach. Photo courtesy of @MyDogStink

Dog Days of Summer

Discover all the tail-wagging fun you can have with this handy guide that ensures every dog gets to be a plus-one

Dealing With Disappointment During A Day Of Fishing

Within our crystal-clear dazzling waters exist trophy-sized fish that anglers yearn to battle with. Power, greatness and sheer herculean strength will assure victory heading...

A Look At The Fishing Records Kept By The International Game Fish Association

Just like any sport or leisure activity, fishing can become fiercely competitive. Unfortunately, it has its fair share of braggarts and grandstanders, complete with embellished stories and exaggerated sizes of the catch.

How to Protect Yourself from the Sun While Fishing

Florida provides a picturesque setting when looking across any body of water. The temptation to be outside everyday exists, but alas, work gets in the way.

How To Handle A Fish: From Hook Removal To Net Releases

As anglers, we spend every adventure learning, then utilizing the lessons to catch fish.

Ride Into Nature

Experience the Treasure Coast's beaches on horseback

Why You Should Adopt Fishing as Your Next Hobby: Explained by Daniel “Dano” Russo

The number of people who live on or near a coastline globally is astounding. In this country alone, the percentage is about 40 percent. Yet, very few coastlines offer a tranquil experience accompanied by such alluring charm.

Daniel Russo’s First Fishing Lesson: Give In To Patience

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago I found myself ruminating about life.

The Perks Of Charter Fishing Boats

Looking across the horizon on terra firma, there’s relatively no change.

The Importance Of Protecting Underwater Ecosystems While Fishing

I was fishing inside the inlet with a good friend not too long ago. We were on his flats boat right at 3 feet,...