The Fishing Chronicles: Handle With Care

As anglers, we spend every adventure learning new techniques. Eventually, the means and manner of angling become muscle memory. However, from time to time,...

The Importance Of Protecting Underwater Ecosystems While Fishing

I was fishing inside the inlet with a good friend not too long ago. We were on his flats boat right at 3 feet,...

Dealing With Disappointment During A Day Of Fishing

Within our crystal-clear dazzling waters exist trophy-sized fish that anglers yearn to battle with. Power, greatness and sheer herculean strength will assure victory heading...

The Rise Of Beekeeping In Martin County

Read about how you can support one of Martin County's most buzzworthy industries

When Mother Nature Prevents A Day On The Water

Time is such a precious commodity. When a short-lived gap of freedom presents itself, I’m usually out fishing. Recently, foul weather ruined my plans for the day, so I plop down on my recliner and sulk for a bit while aimlessly channel surfing—that is, until my wife takes control of the remote.

How Seasonal Changes Affect Fishing

Getting used to seasonal changes—or lack thereof—in Florida can be a challenge for those who need a discernible difference in their surroundings.

Finding Your Perfect Fishing Spot

When gearing up for your next fishing excursion, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll pick a spot that you know guarantees constant catching.

Reasons To Relax Before A Day Of Fishing

A day on the water is best paired with a relaxed mindset.

Fishing In Florida’s Freshwaters

There are many tactics and techniques that can influence catching freshwater fish.

The Importance Of Handling Fish With Care

When you take on nature and you have the upper hand, be mindful of how fragile a fish can be.

Why You Should Fish In Florida’s Inlets

Florida’s inlets provide a replenishment of clean, fresh ocean water and are vital to the health of our ecological community.

Why You Should Go Fishing Under Bridges

Our Treasure Coast waters, tranquil and teeming with life, have diverse areas to wet a line. With a climate unmatched to South Florida the when to fish is yearly; the where to fish is a question often asked. My go-to answer: pick a bridge.

How Underwater Conditions Affect Fish Migration

Florida waters have seasons just like we do above. Underwater, the conditions undergo changes that affect not only water temperatures but also the different species of fish that come and go yearly. This is referred to as migration.

How to Protect Yourself from the Sun While Fishing

Florida provides a picturesque setting when looking across any body of water. The temptation to be outside everyday exists, but alas, work gets in the way.

How To Have A Successful Fishing Tournament

Not surprisingly, my greatest recreational pastime is fishing. I prefer to fish during warmer months, yet as the months heat up, so do the fishing tournaments.

How To Prepare For A Day Of Fishing

A day on the water is always on the menu in South Florida. From time to time the weather has different plans for my favorite pastime of fishing, though. We grapple with foul weather yearly.

Here’s How Sharks Are Impacting Anglers—And How Anglers Are Affecting Sharks

As all anglers know, there is one apex to contend with: the shark. In bodies of water that have shark populations, the predators can haunt a day of sport-fishing,

The Noise Per Hook-Up Ratio: A Fisherman’s Evidence

It is a noisy world. But if you think that it’s boisterous on top, try living in the underwater world where sound travels up to five times faster­.

From Sea To Table: What You Need To Know About Catching And Cooking Local...

Catching a fish is half the fun—there’s also the indulgence part. Setting your sights on table fare brings the course of action full-circle. The hunt is complete.

A Look At The Fishing Records Kept By The International Game Fish Association

Just like any sport or leisure activity, fishing can become fiercely competitive. Unfortunately, it has its fair share of braggarts and grandstanders, complete with embellished stories and exaggerated sizes of the catch.