The FACE of Italian Dining


Jimmy Fantin

Fantini’s New Haven Style Apizza

In Florida, when it’s time for pizza, you have two choices: any pizzeria, or Fantini’s New Haven Style Apizza Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar. At age 15, Jimmy Fantin, founder and owner of Fantini’s, was hired as a dishwasher and became one of the select few to earn the coveted “pie man” position at the most famous pizzeria in the United States. Fantin went on to college and careers in finance and real estate, relocating to Florida in 1996.

“If you open a pizzeria and put an “A” in front of pizza, you better have a lineage, a provenance, and it better be authentic. Because the people that know will come, they will check you out, and if you’re NOT authentic, they will destroy you … as they should,” Fantin says. Reference the movie Pizza, A Love Story. Type in the word “Apizza” (yes, with an A)—it has its own Wikipedia page. Look up Frank Pepe’s on Wooster Street.

Fantin has the lineage, the provenance, the story, and the Apizza to prove it. He is 100 percent authentic, which makes Fantini’s the real deal. Visit Fantini’s, serving Apizza and the Italian “soul food” you all love in the newly expanded dining room and wine bar.

1560 NW Federal Hwy. Stuart, Florida 34994


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