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Martin County Supervisor Of Elections Vicki Davis Opens Up About 'Project Vote History'

To capture, record and archive the history of local elections, Supervisor of Elections Vicki Davis partnered with MC-20, Martin County’s governmental television production team, to record interviews with leading local political figures. Speaking to former office-holders, activists and the adult children of former elected officials, Project Vote History aims to inform as well as preserve, Davis says.

“We have so much rich local history in Martin County,” Davis says, “and that’s reflected in our local elections, too. So we wanted to sit down with the people who not only lived local history, but in many ways, made it, and capture and preserve those precious memories of how this community takes part in the democratic process.”

The interviewees, among others, include:

•    Elmira Gainey, the first African-American county commissioner

•    Maggy Hurchalla, a five-time county commissioner

•    Alice Lockhart and Sandra Thurlow, local historians

•    Brian Powers, son of late and beloved Indiantown commissioner Timer Powers

•    Portia Scott, daughter of W.R. “Bill” Scott, former state legislator

•    John “J.D.” Davidson, 28-year president of the Martin County Firefighter Association

•   Don Pickard, chairman of the Martin County Republican Executive Committee

•   Linda Grand, president of the League of Women Voters of Martin County

Primarily, interviewees recall their favorite memories from local elections. Despite their diverse views, all emphasized the importance of voting. 

“Our voter participation is among the highest in the state,” Davis says of Martin County, which often sees 80 percent turnout in presidential elections and more than 30 percent turnout in primaries. “Most people agree that it’s important to vote in the presidential elections. But these inspiring local leaders deserve credit for getting people excited about voting in the local elections.”

In addition to being archived on martinvotes.com, the interviews will run on MC-20 later this summer.

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