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Four local doctors take us beyond the walls of the ER and the surgeon’s office and share new medical breakthroughs and miracles happening daily in our own community.

Dr. Edward J. Rossario

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Coastal Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center

When Dr. Edward J. Rossario was 15 years old, he worked as an orderly on the orthopaedic floor of a hospital and saw how joint replacements could give patients immediate relief from pain. He had found his calling: For the last 18 years, Dr. Rossario has been a managing partner at Coastal Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center.

Born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Ormond Beach since he was 3 years old, Dr. Rossario completed medical school at the University of Miami and a residency in orthopaedic surgery at St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center in New York.

A surgeon at St. Lucie Medical Center and Martin Health System, he was the second surgeon in the state to utilize the new ConforMIS custom knee replacement. At St. Lucie Medical Center, he teaches the technique to visiting Orthopaedic surgeons from around the world. The doctor uses a 3D printer to create an implant to match a patient’s specific anatomy.

“It fits like they were born with it. It’s truly cutting edge,” he says.

Dr. Rossario also volunteers with the Light of the World Charities and Volunteers in Medicine to provide free surgery to those in need, as well as plays guitar in a band called the Showcase Band. With his wife, Lisa, he has two children.

Dr. V. Andres Sasson

Medical Director, St. Lucie Medical Center

Dr. V. Andres Sasson is, simply, a problem solver. As the medical director of the emergency department of the St. Lucie Medical Center and the new freestanding ER at Darwin Square, Dr. Sasson oversees solutions both medically for emergency room patients and administratively for his growing staff.

“In the ER, you’re a diagnostician,” he says. “ER doctors really have to figure things out.”

Dr. Sasson is the chairman of the peer review for the hospital, a post that allows him to help solve problems to improve the medical quality of physicians. Plus, he’s on the faculty for the emergency medicine residency program at the hospital, one of only six in the state to provide on-the-job training to medical school graduates.

Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, he graduated medical school at George Washington University and completed his residency at the University of Chicago.

But if the problem is being out of shape, he can help with that, too: He is the co-owner of three CrossFit gyms in Palm Beach County and is an avid athlete who plays many sports.

A “big-time family guy,” 45-year-old Dr. Sasson has been married to his wife, Mily, for 10 years and has two young children.

Dr. Avron Lipschitz

Plastic Surgeon, Athena Plastic Surgery

Art and design is very important to Dr. Avron Lipschitz, who draws from his interest in fine art for his work as a board certified plastic surgeon at Athena Plastic Surgery in Stuart and Palm Beach Gardens.

“Plastic surgery is an art and a science, and it’s important to find a balance of the two,” he says. “It’s about judgment and taste.”

Dr. Lipschitz, who grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and completed residencies in Dallas and John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, specializes in creating individualized plans for his patients seeking facial rejuvenation, as well as reconstruction following breast or skin cancer treatments. New technologies, such as grafting with stem cell-enriched fat, have allowed him to offer a combination of minimally invasive treatments to provide impressive results, he says.

“The reason I’m in plastic surgery is you can make a huge difference in people’s lives by using your technical skills, knowledge and creative problem solving,” the 39-year-old says.

Married to Joanne, who is a designer, Dr. Lipschitz moved to Stuart because “the area has so much to offer.” He enjoys spending time with his wife and two children as well as creating clay and wooden sculptures, collecting contemporary art and designing bonsai trees.

Dr. Jason Moore

Critical Care and Trauma Surgeon, Lawnwood Regional Medical Center

Dr. Jason Moore literally saves lives every day. As a critical care and trauma surgeon for Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, Dr. Moore is part of the team that provides intensive care to patients who arrive to the hospital after a car accident, gunshot wound, injury or in need of emergency surgery.

“It’s exciting, fast-paced and intense,” says Dr. Moore, 37. “You have to know how to do a lot of things very fast with no chance of error. It’s a life or death situation.”

Born in Rochester, New York, he graduated medical school at Cornell University. He met his wife during his first medical residency in New York, and the couple moved to Florida to be closer to family. He completed a second residency at the University of Florida Shands Hospital in Jacksonville.

“My whole life I wanted to be a surgeon,” he says. “[The patients I see] are the worst, most unhealthy patients of all the patients in the hospital. If we can take care of them and get them healthy, we can get anyone healthy.”

Although Dr. Moore dedicates much of his time to his work, he relaxes by running and cooking.