Sewall’s Point Police Department Thank-You Luncheon


As a thank you to the Sewall’s Point Police Department, residents organized a special luncheon on Nov. 10 to honor officers and staff for their dedication to the community. 

During Hurricane Matthew, Stephanie Tamayo’s 1-week-old son began having trouble breathing. The barrier islands had been ordered to evacuate, so when the mother called 911, an operator explained responders could not assist. Upon mention that she was located in Sewall’s Point, she was connected with the local police. Chief Tina Ciechanowski had made the decision to stay at the department to help any residents who remained in town. Officers arrived at the home within two minutes and escorted the family to the hospital, where the baby got the help he needed.

To show his appreciation, neighbor Chris Elmer organized a luncheon, catered by Chef’s Table, and arranged for officers to take home a ham or turkey for Thanksgiving. 

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