Art Adventures with Corina Pelloni

The local artist discusses the art she's creating and teaching out of her 901hub studio, MissingArt

Plants Do It Too (2020), Corina Pelloni
Plants Do It Too (2020), Corina Pelloni

Artist Corina Pelloni has lived on the Treasure Coast for the past two decades, with Stuart being her main stomping grounds. A board member of the Creek District, she also serves as art director of 901hub (which is also home to her personal studio, MissingArt).

“I grew up in a rural area, where I spent a ton of time in solitude in the woods and fields,” she shares. “I’m convinced that my artistic impulse arises from my connection with the natural world.” Pelloni has never identified strongly with any single medium; she is partial to painting and assemblage sculpture but also creates ceramic vessels, jewelry, and ritual objects and lately has been working on murals and live-painting.

Moore’s Creek III (2021), Corina Pelloni
Moore’s Creek III (2021)

“I don’t see why we can’t use a little bit of everything and learn as we go,” she says. “Some media are more of a natural fit, of course, but I love learning and will try anything.” Pelloni offers classes and workshops at her studio, ranging from glass pendants to resin windows. “Teaching is a natural extension of learning,” she says. “Art is a human behavior. We’ve over-commoditized it a bit, made it something that feels exclusive to people who don’t identify as artists. I want to make it accessible but in a way that foments a sense of adventure, that calls on people to reach and to take risks.”  

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