Car Camaraderie at Elliott Museum

Meet up with other motorheads at the Stuart museum’s newly open garage

Photo by Doreen Poreba
Photo by Doreen Poreba

Famous for its permanent exhibition of vintage wheels, the Elliott Museum is opening up its garage to the public for those with classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Gain access to air-conditioned comfort in addition to a full range of tools and cleaning products including industrial air compressors, pressure washers, battery chargers, detail and polish equipment, jack stands, and more. “The use of our garages will promote comradeship among local car owners,” says Jim Ferrare, the Elliott’s new car curator responsible for all of the cars in the museum’s inventory. “Not only will it provide a safe place to work on your car, but it will also provide a place for car owners to hang out and do some ‘bench racing’ (car talk for debating whose car is fastest) and enjoy free beverages.” There is no fee to sign up, but donations are encouraged. Appointments can be made by calling the museum at (772) 225-1961.

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