Five Interior Design Transformations In A Treasure Coast Home

Family Room — After

Five fabulous interior design projects on the Treasure Coast showcase the work of the women behind them and the beauty of the bones of older homes.


The property has a million-dollar view, but when the owner was not gazing at the St. Lucie River and wanted to watch TV, it was awkward. Her flat screen sat atop an electric fireplace in an odd spot that neither was aligned with the sofa nor at the proper height—and it was swallowed up by empty wall space. So, she reached out to Christine Regal, president of Regal Design in Jensen Beach, for help.

“The client called and was just very unhappy with the family room, which is the room where they hang out the most,” Regal says. “The goal was to put the TV where it needed to be.

Family Room — Before

They opted to build a custom cabinet—white with a teak top—that extends the full length of the room. The left half houses the television, and the right half houses the fireplace.

Family Room — Before

The space around it was framed with grass cloth and wrapped in LED lighting. A ceramic bowl holding an exotic orchid arrangement offsets the design.

Family Room — After

“It’s not symmetrical, but we wanted it that way,” Regal says. “We wanted it more contemporary, more modern.”

“She wanted it to be bright and airy to entertain in,” Allabastro says. “She wanted clean lines.”

Living Room — After


Kerry Allabastro of Allabastro Designs in Stuart describes the living room she was hired to update as “horrible.” Emerald carpet covered an unfinished wood floor. Incandescent bulbs made for a dim atmosphere. Louvered closet doors enclosed a wet bar. Bulky beams crisscrossed the ceiling.

“It was never redone,” Allabastro says of the ’80s-era structure.

Allabastro stripped the floor and ceiling and tore out the wall that separated the kitchen. The beadboard was removed as was the under-used fireplace.

“She wanted it to be bright and airy to entertain in,” Allabastro says. “She wanted clean lines.”
Living Room — Before

White oak was laid down, and the immaculately detailed ceiling now features recessed lighting. All drywall and molding are new.

“We heavily accented the design with blue because that’s what she wanted,” Allabastro says, referring to the upholstered chairs, window treatments and rustic side table.

The room was part of a total renovation of the 3,200-square-foot, two-story, colonial-style residence that took two years to complete.

“I think it turned out beautifully,” Allabastro says. “It is exactly what she envisioned. She just wanted everybody to feel welcome, and she is happy.”

“It makes the room. That’s the wow right there—sort of like the icing on the cake.”

Dining Room — After


Eliminating a wall and elevating the curtains give grace and grandeur to the sacred spot where memorable meals are served. One glance at the before-and-after pictures and onlookers might not realize it is the same house.

“There’s a lot more light and a feeling of openness,” Francesca Morgan, owner of Francesca Morgan Interiors in Stuart, says of the dining room, which leads out to the patio and pool. “Your view now is panoramic.”

Morgan achieved this by running the window treatments from the ceiling to the floor, creating hefty height. Establishing a flow between the dining room and living room resulted in added volume.

Dining Room — Before

“I think a lot of people know when I do a room because of the window treatments,” she says. “It makes the room. That’s the wow right there—sort of like the icing on the cake.”

She selected a coastal print and paired it with a cool solid—both in linen for an airy softness that fulfilled her client’s vision. An orb chandelier hangs above the 10-top table.

“I love this room,” she says. “It showcases the architecture.”

“It was a little bit daunting, and it ended up being something I was extremely proud of and they were very happy with.”

Kitchen – After


The strange color was unappetizing, the wood cabinets were unappealing, and the dingy floor was unsightly. None of it made for a pleasant kitchen. Still, Bianca Fathauer, owner of Splendid Home Design in Stuart, saw it had promise.

“Usually, clients who come in to see me want to replace all of their cabinets,” Fathauer says. “We added cabinets by matching and painting them.”

The strange color appeared in a trapped space adorned with odd plates and platters. By installing extra cabinets and making them white with opaque glass, Fathauer was able to imbue the kitchen with a clean and inviting look.

“Sometimes with remodels, you go into it thinking you have to gut absolutely everything,” she says. “Seventy-five percent is old cabinets.”

Kitchen — Before

Faux-wood tile contrasts nicely with the island—painted in Sherwin-Williams’ ‘Tin Lizzie’—and chunky barstools.

“It was a little bit daunting, and it ended up being something I was extremely proud of and they were very happy with,” she says.

She posted photos of the redesign on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

“We got so many comments,” she says. “People really liked it.”

“We decided to go with sleek furniture and brighten it up with the decor.”

Guest Bedroom — After


Mix-matched, poorly placed furniture, including a full-size bed crammed into a corner, comprised a space that was supposed to be a retreat for family and friends. Instead, the mashup of random items made it more like an obstacle course than a guest bedroom.

“Their floorplan obviously was not working,” says Baylee Floyd, owner of Baylee Deyon Interior Design in Palm City. “The whole room was confused.”

Floyd’s client frequently hosts out-of-town visitors and wanted to transform the room into a tropical oasis with a bohemian vibe.

Guest Bedroom — Before

“They needed something that accommodated everyone and felt serene and at home,” she says. “We decided to go with sleek furniture and brighten it up with the decor.”

The accessories include beaded table lamps etched in a black-and-white, hieroglyphics-like pattern as well as a colorful area rug with a similar global-inspired theme. A vase filled with pampas grass adds a whimsical dimension, and an earthy-green accent wall ties it all together.

“It’s boho, but we went with all-white bedding to give it that hotel feel,” she says. “It’s welcoming now.”

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