Here’s How To Make Your Home Look Pinterest Worthy


Do you think you’re ready to make one of your home improvement pins on Pinterest into a reality? Managing as much can be daunting, especially if you’re doing the work. Applying some simple principles of project management (scope, schedule, cost and quality) can keep the process as stress-free as possible and foster success.

First and foremost, you must identify the scope and what you want for results. It is important to recognize your limitations. When it comes to home improvement, minor tasks such as changing out a light fixture or faucet can often be handled by a novice, but bigger projects may warrant an electrician, plumber or other professional. Just because you think you can handle a project doesn’t mean you should. Exercise caution here.

The schedule is perhaps the most important aspect to ensure your success. The key is to break the project into small, manageable steps and then set aside time to complete each. It is critical to maintain realistic expectations, considering all demands on your time and possible interruptions. Otherwise, you can get overwhelmed or simply lose motivation, leaving a half-finished project behind.

Throughout the project, consideration must be given to the costs. These costs include the materials to complete the work, needed tools (rented or purchased) and possibly hiring out for some of the project. It is a good idea to estimate the costs in advance and then add an additional 10 percent for unforeseen expenses.

Finally, attention to quality must be maintained at all times. It does no good to pursue a Pinterest-worthy result without focusing on quality. DIYers are at risk of rushing to “hurry-up and finish,” but this will only leave you frustrated and disappointed. By incorporating some basics of project management, you can complete a Pinterest-worthy home improvement project successfully and with little frustration.

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