How Little Details Make A Big Impact In Luxury Homes


Luxury is in the details, and nowhere is this truer than in the smallest details of a home: the finishing touches such as light fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, and faucets. As with other aspects of a luxury home, consideration should be given to the craftsmanship, quality of materials, function and rarity so the pieces further make a statement.

Often overlooked, lighting is one of the most important aspects in setting the tone and mood of a space. The first step is to decide which type of lights—pendants, chandeliers, wall lights, table or floor lamps and flush mounts—will work best. Scale must also be considered. Then, liberty can be taken to choose high-quality, unique pieces that meld with the room and home’s design.

Whether the space is simple and understated or heavily decorated, the door and cabinet hardware, even the hinges, should receive thought and support the home’s uniqueness. Hardware serves a functional purpose, but it also attracts the eye and can make or break the décor in a room. Styles range from handmade to vintage, and the material of the pieces can vary between brass, bronze, stainless steel, crystal or glass, to name a few.

The current trend for selecting finishing touches is to mix materials, and this continues with faucets. The same materials used for hardware are used with faucets, but matching exactly to hardware and lighting can be severe. The goal is for the small details to function as needed while providing an interesting but cohesive look to the room and home. The most luxurious faucets are hand-made, designed by a classic designer, and produced with valuable materials such as precious metals.

Executed properly, the home’s finishing touches can further elevate the luxury home’s appearance.

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