How To Ensure Your House Gets Sold On The Market Quickly


According to recent data, the average number of days before a listed home goes under contract is 44 on the Treasure Coast. If your home has been listed longer, you may be wondering why you aren’t yet under contract. Typically, it boils down to three possible reasons.

You wouldn’t list your home if you weren’t motivated, right? Surprisingly, some sellers are not truly motivated as evidenced by their unwillingness to 1) boost their home’s appeal as directed by their licensed agent, 2) accommodate showing requests, and 3) entertain offers, not even countering when potentially viable offers are made.

If the seller is motivated, the right real estate professional can help push a sale through by properly exposing the property. Listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which syndicates to select websites is just a start. Marketing through local papers, social media, direct mailings and flyers, signage, open houses and syndicated listings on more than the big three websites will help get a property in front of the most buyers, making it more likely to find the right buyer.

Perhaps the biggest factor is the list price. An inflated price can cause even the most beautiful home to sit for too long. Finding the balance of the right list price can be challenging and should take into consideration past sales and current listings in the immediate area, and the property’s condition and features. If there is very little traffic or if there are showings but no offers being made, the price is more than likely problematic and a significant adjustment should be made. Even the worst property will sell at the right price.

Consult a professional so that seller motivation, exposure or price do not hinder your home’s sale.

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