How To Freshen Up Your Home’s Interior For The New Year


The holidays have ended and decorations are stored until next season. It’s a good time to freshen up your home’s design. Doing so can be easier than you think. Here are a few ideas to shake up your interior.

The least expensive, but not necessarily the easiest, thing to do is declutter. Look at your space with fresh eyes and clear away or organize items that you don’t need or use often. If decluttering overwhelms you, start small by tackling the dining table, your desk, or the kitchen counters. Keep at it until you can see a cleaner palette. In your process of decluttering, don’t forget to look at the bookshelves. Remove books you won’t ever read again, leaving some open space. Repurpose or add some fun decorative pieces for an eye-catching update.

Once the clutter is gone, look to your linens. You don’t have to switch out everything to create a new look. Change out a few throw pillows, get a soft throw blanket, add a new rug to the room, mix bed linens that complement each other, or swap curtains in one room with those in another. Throwing in punches of color will brighten any space.

Another way to brighten and freshen a home is to paint a door for added appeals. A pop of color looks great on an exterior door. This can also be achieved on the interior. It is surprising and can help anchor the look of a room.

Lastly, repurpose art and photos you already have into a gallery wall. The key to pulling off a beautiful gallery wall is to mix it up, so include photos, professional art, children’s art and wall decorations.

By following these ideas, creating a fresh new look in your home can be easy and effortless.

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