The Importance Of Hospitality During The Holidays


The holiday season is here. It’s a time for entertaining others at home. Pinterest and HGTV are filled with ideas for how to host the perfect holiday party, down to the finest detail. However, in all their creative and beautiful presentations, they often overlook the heart of hospitality. It is not about the presentation, but instead about being in each other’s presence. Inviting others into the home is an opportunity to serve them with kindness. The purpose moves beyond filling their bellies to fulfilling their needs to connect with others. Letting this be the focus removes the pressure and stress from hosting.

“The goal in all events, even those planned with the assistance of a professional, should be creating an environment that is personal and welcoming,” explains Katrina Resch, owner of FResch Perspective, a local company that plans corporate, social and public events. “Some ways to make this happen include serving guests their favorite drinks or playing their preferred music genre.” These details will be far more appreciated and remembered by guests than general aesthetics.

When the intent of a holiday gathering is to entertain, the pressure is in the expectation of perfection—the perfect meal, the perfect table setting, the perfect decorating, the perfectly clean house, etc. But, when the intent is to show hospitality, to focus on the guests and to build relationships, this pressure is removed. And as such, guests can be served with joy, making them feel welcomed and cared for. During this holiday season, let’s move toward the heart of hospitality.

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