Shaping Up South Florida

These three fitness trends prove there is a workout for everyone. Here’s what you need to know before stepping into one of these studios.


What to Expect: This martial art uses the entire body to work on strikes, precision, accuracy and speed. It’s one of the most effective self-defense exercises, says Ari Pollan, a trainer with JACO Hybrid Training Center in Boca Raton.

The Benefits: The practice increases cardiovascular conditioning and drastically improves muscle endurance while greatly helping with weight loss, Pollan says. Plus, kickboxing teaches you how to effectively strike, kick and punch, providing lifelong self-defense skills.

The Results: Almost immediately, participants will feel an extreme confidence boost, Pollan says. Cardiovascular conditioning as well as muscular endurance will improve within the first couple of weeks. After the first month of kickboxing, participants will notice physical changes.

The Lagree Method

The Lagree Method

What to Expect: The exercise is a more intense, Pilates-based workout that is designed to strengthen, lengthen and tighten the body using a machine known as the Megaformer, says Marina Perrone, who teaches the method as the owner of Core Evolution in Palm Beach Gardens.

The Benefits: Core Evolution gets people up off the ground with exercises that increase heart rate and improve balance. Unlike traditional Pilates, the body is never on the ground and is constantly working every muscle, Perrone says.

The Results: Throughout the 50-minute class, every muscle in the body is engaged and stressed. Participants will feel sore within an hour after the class. After a few weeks, Perrone says the “corset effect” will take place – participants will notice their waistline shrinking. After a month, leg and ab muscles are stronger and tighter.



What to Expect: This method is a combination of constantly varied, functional movements that are performed at a high-intensity rate using one’s own body weight, rather than a machine, says Gina Galiano, Stuart CrossFit owner and head trainer.

The Benefits: Beginners and elite athletes have the ability to train side by side. However, coaches scale each person’s movements based on his or her ability. CrossFit prepares you physically, mentally and spiritually to take on not only physical tasks, but everyday life as well, Galiano says.

The Results: Within three to six months of training, at three to five days a week, the body will begin to transform, becoming tighter and firmer, Galiano says. Endurance and stamina will also increase. The more you train and experience the results, the more determined you are to stick with it, she says.

6 tips for trying a new workout

1. Come in with an open mind. – Pollan

2. Ask questions to clarify the workout. – Perrone

3. Take that first class. Once you do, you’ll be hooked. – Galiano

4. Have a positive attitude. – Perrone

5. Don’t let worry or intimidation get the best of you. – Pollan

6. Don’t let your age prevent you from starting a new workout. – Perrone

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