A Career in Bloom

Kelly Siliato provides fresh flora, arrangements, and more at her family-owned (and operated) shop.


At 18, Kelly Siliato was studying at Indian River Community College with plans to go into nursing. Instead, she discovered a passion for creativity through art and photography classes. One summer, she took a part-time job at A Goode Florist, answering phones and helping customers. “I was fortunate enough to learn floral design hands-on from all of the amazingly talented and experienced ladies around me,” Siliato recalls. The fun summer job was slowly blooming into a lifelong career.

She eventually took on a managerial position, basically running the shop for the owners when they were out of town. Eight years after Siliato started working at A Good Florist, the owners—who had opened it in 1979—decided to put the store up for sale. “I jumped at the chance to own the place myself,” she says. “My parents were business owners [of Ron’s Auto Repair] for 30 years in Stuart, and now I’m proud to be a local business owner here as well.”

Today, A Goode Florist is a family-run establishment. Siliato’s mom, Kathy, has been helping out ever since she took ownership. Her niece also works at the shop while attending college, and her husband and in-laws help out during busy holidays. “As for the rest of my staff, they are like family as well,” Siliato says. “When you come into my shop, you really feel like we care about you—and I think that makes a difference. I have so many great memories working and owning this flower shop. I have gotten to be a part of some many wonderful things over the years.”

When she isn’t bundling bouquets, Siliato spends much of her time at her horse farm in Palm City. “I was born and raised in Martin County,” she says. “It’s where my husband and I grew up and are now raising our [11-year-old] daughter.”


Favorite arrangement addition?

I’m in love with fresh foliage—assorted fresh greenery is a must in my shop! There are so many beautiful varieties of cut foliage available that can take the flowers from tropical to rustic, contemporary to traditional…. Foliage can even stand up on its own as an arrangement or a bridal bouquet.

Best part about working with weddings?

Creating the perfect flowers to celebrate such a monumental moment in someone’s life… There’s nothing more stressful yet also rewarding! It’s always the best feeling when I show clients their flowers and there are happy tears.

Advice for brides?

Whether you’re looking for flowers, a DJ, or an event planner, find people you trust and feel comfortable with and then let them do their thing. If you feel you have to micro-manage your hired vendors, you haven’t chosen the right ones.

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