Dr. Becky Campbell’s Life-Changing Experience With Functional Medicine Inspired Her To Open Her Own Practice


After a life-changing experience with functional medicine, Dr. Becky Campbell opened her own practice on the Treasure Coast to help people eat, live and move better.

Dr. Becky Campbell was like so many women. She was suffering with extreme fatigue, feeling foggy and bloated, and even though she dieted and exercised, she simply couldn’t lose weight.

A doctor of chiropractic medicine, Campbell started doing some research and found a physician who practiced functional medicine. Functional medicine looks at the underlying causes of symptoms, not just at the illness itself. As a result of her research and a genuine conversation with her medical professional, Campbell learned her body was trying to battle parasites, a fungal infection and some serious food sensitivities.

Through a detox, a change in diet, and learning how to exercise properly to address adrenal stress, the Palm City resident dropped 30 pounds and regained her life. Three children later, she has never dieted, had trouble losing pregnancy weight or struggled with the energy issues that had previously been so debilitating. The change was so remarkable that Campbell, 36, continued her education to earn a doctoral degree in Natural Medicine and has opened two practices on the Treasure Coast to help others reclaim their energy, their health and their lives by learning how to eat, move and live better.

The moment patients walk in the door for their first appointment at Campbell’s practice, they can sense that it’s unlike any other doctor’s office. The first conversation, which is an extended talk with a staff member to discuss symptoms, emotion, stressors and motivation, proves that Campbell treats her patients differently. For many, Campbell says this is an emotional and enlightening meeting.

“Sometimes people have been made to feel they are crazy or depressed, that all their symptoms are in their head,” she says of her patients who often come to her after seeing many other medical professionals first. “Getting unhealthy is easy,” she says. “So in the end, we make a decision together [about] whether [they’re] ready to do the work involved to get well.”

Nearly all of her patients, who come in all shapes, sizes and ages, feel frustrated and as though they are somehow at fault for their inability to lose weight or feel the zest of their youth. “Patients often leave here shaking their heads, saying they learned more from their first consultation than in the years they’ve been seeing [traditional] doctors,” Campbell says.

Once tests are done and a diagnosis is reached, Campbell works with a patient’s general physician to help manage thyroid, diabetes and other health issues. They work together to regain health and energy through proper diet and exercise, and by learning to pay attention to the signals of the body. Most of the time, when a patient follows the treatment plan, the effect is significant and life-changing.

“I want people to know I really, truly care for my patients,” Campbell says. “If they are willing to put in the effort to get healthy, we will spend endless amounts of time with them to help them get better.” For that very reason, Campbell’s practice is so successful that she recently opened a new office in Jupiter called South Florida Functional Medicine. The Treasure Coast Wellness Center in Stuart has been open for several years.

“Once you get your body as healthy as possible and functioning efficiently, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the symptoms, such as weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, sleeplessness, constipation and depression, disappear,” Campbell says. “Simply put, you will once again love life.”

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