Taste of the Tropics

Four area chefs pay homage to our tropical climate by using gems like mangoes, papayas, and more to create some truly sensational plates


Island Snapper

Stuart Oliver, Executive Chef, Stuart Boathouse in Stuart

Made with: Dragon fruit, carambola, papaya, arugula, coconut, yellowtail snapper, edible orchids

“My inspiration for this dish came from years spent in the Caribbean and Hawaii. The local seafood and fresh produce there are abundant, and the fish is always freshly caught, creating a wonderful pairing of land and sea.”

Coconut Panko Encrusted Local Yellowtail Snapper

Arturo “Tuna” Serrano, Executive Chef, Leftovers Café in Jupiter

Made with: Pickled mango, jalapeño, jicama, carrots, honey pineapple aioli, coconut panko, yellowtail snapper

“My inspiration for this dish comes from the team’s daily curated menus, where our aim
is always to create balanced flavors and textures. For this dish, we focused on tropical
and unique ingredients, making a tropical slaw with mango, jicama, carrots, and jalapeño peppers in a Florida citrus dressing. Resting on the slaw is snapper encrusted in a coconut panko. This creativity touches our entire menu, from craft cocktails and appetizers to entrées and desserts.”

Caribbean Swordfish

John Scott, Culinary Director, Hudson’s on the River in Stuart

Made with: Plantains, pineapple, mango, kiwi, red bell pepper, swordfish, pistachio, sweet potato

“This dish consists of a pistachio-crusted swordfish over a tropical hash made with diced sweet potatoes, plantains, mango, kiwi, pineapple, and red bell pepper. I finished it with a mango jalapeño coulis and avocado puree. It was easy to get inspired to create this dish, since Hudson’s is a Caribbean- and Asian-influenced restaurant so it’s part of my daily routine. Our Caribbean sushi roll is one of my favorite items on the menu.”

Crab-Stuffed Avocado with Tropical Fruit and Smoked Tomato Ceviche Sauce

Tim Nickey, Executive Chef, Blackbird Modern Asian in Jupiter

Made with: Dragon fruit, mango, star fruit, lychee, Asian pear, micro shiso and cilantro, pickled Fresno chili and red onion, lime supreme, crab salad, avocado, smoked tomato ceviche sauce, micro flowers

“Exotic ingredients always have a seat at Blackbird. For this dish, I sourced Homestead- grown dragon fruit and lychees with bright flavors ranging from sweet to slightly acidic and also incorporated Asian pear as well as mango and star fruit that [restaurant partner] Scott Frielich cultivates in his backyard. South Florida is famous for its tropical fruit. Paired with our Asian-style cuisine, it creates a nectarean taste of the tropics.”

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