The Women Behind Bar Salon And Spa Talk Balayage, Owning A Business And More


The serendipitous syncing of four 20-somethings in Stuart led to the start of Bar Salon and Spa, a new beauty business specializing in balayage.

The French term means “to paint,” and the highlighting technique has become a top trend for today’s tresses.

“It’s just a very artistic way of applying color,” says Aleysha Iacovone, the salon’s owner. “Not a lot of people in the world know how to do it accurately.”

Iacovone trained with one of the biggest names in balayage: Candy Shaw of Jamison Shaw Hairdressers in Atlanta. It was there where she met Rachel Horan, a balayage and hair-extensions specialist.

“I worked with Rachel in Atlanta for three years,” Iacovone says. “I knew that I wanted her to be a part of the team.”

The 26-year-old says she always had a love for hair and makeup and was determined to go to cosmetology school with the goal of establishing her own salon. She set up a studio at home with help from her husband, Domenic, and within seven months, she was booked. One of her clients was Britany Barbera, an esthetician and lash specialist who became the third member of the staff.

“I was actually going to Britany to get my lashes done at the time,” Iacovone says. “She is amazing at what she does here.”

Iacovone has known Melissa Matos for eight years—their husbands went to high school together—and now Matos is the salon’s beauty specialist and receptionist.

“The way we cut, the way we color, the way we do lash extensions—we all specialize, and we’re really into advancing our careers and taking all the newest classes,” Iacovone says. “It’s a passion.” Rachel Horan, 28

What made you relocate from Atlanta to Stuart to do hair?

When the opportunity arose to work at an amazing salon in the heart of Atlanta, I jumped right on it. After three years in Atlanta, I decided to risk it all and move to Florida to be closer to my family and make a name for myself. Britany Barbera, 28

How did you become such a popular lash-extension specialist?

I am so extremely lucky to have the best clients that keep me going. Since Stuart is such a quaint and small town, word of mouth has really led me to my success. Also, social media helps tremendously to spread the word. Melissa Matos, 26

What do you think sets Bar Salon and Spa apart from other salons in the area, and what is the best client feedback you have received since the doors opened?

We truly love our clients and always want to make sure that they are leaving feeling the best. The best client feedback that we have received is how we make sure that each and every one of our clients that walks through our front door feels relaxed, happy and at home while they are here with us.

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