Artistic Collaboration Comes to 901hub

Artists Corina Pelloni and Jane Lawton Baldridge will host "Glimmer: A Glow Show" featuring the works of nine local artists February 4-5

Work on view in “Glimmer: A Glow Show”

Local artists Corina Pelloni and Jane Lawton Baldridge will host “Glimmer: A Glow Show,” a new collaborative exhibition program, featuring nine local artists. The duo will unveil “Glimmer” at 901hub (901 SE Johnson Avenue) on Friday, February 4, from 5 to 9:30 p.m. A second event is scheduled for Saturday, February 5.

The immersive art event will focus on illumination in environments. Guests will tour among works depicting an enchanted wood, a mangrove forest, a night sky, and more. Outside of the building, a projection of “Animated Ocean Paintings and Color & Sound Vibration” will dazzle visitors. Artists will lead hands-on activities. Original artwork and jellyfish will be for sale.

Work on view at "Glimmer: A Glow Show"
Work on view at “Glimmer: A Glow Show”

Currently, the artists working on the project include Corina Pelloni, Jane Lawton Baldridge, DJ Voelker, Colleen North, Jacquelyn Roesch-Sanchez, Taylor, Emerick, Deena Rahill, and Laura and Gene Kinnamon. The Women Supporting the Arts and Martin Arts awarded Pelloni and Baldridge a grant to help offset the cost of putting on this immersive collaboration. The group is looking for more sponsorships and will be selling T-Shirts and other merchandise to help fund the efforts. Pelloni and Baldridge also hope to expand the exhibit dates and locations.

For more information on this exciting event and sponsorship information, email Corina at or Jane at

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