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Stuart’s Dr. True Explains Benefits Of Infrared Therapies

Q: What are the benefits of infrared therapies?

A: Certain wavelengths of light outside of the range of visible light have been shown to decrease pain, speed healing and help the body eliminate toxins. These wavelengths of light are called infrared (IR). They are the predominate wavelength of light found in sunlight.

The infrared spectrum is subdivided into three wavelength ranges; near-infrared, mid-infrared and far-infrared, where near-infrared is closer to the visible light spectrum and far-infrared is closer to the microwave spectrum. Most IR saunas use far-IR, which is the best wavelength for generating a thermal effect to warm the occupant in the sauna. Far-IR saunas are known for their ability to make you relax, sweat and eliminate toxins stored in the body.

Another type of IR device used by health care providers is laser therapy. The IR wavelengths most commonly used for laser therapy devices are in the near-IR spectrum. These shorter wavelengths do not produce as much warmth as far-IR saunas, however, they still produce gentle localized heating. Wavelengths of light closer to visible red or near-IR have been found to promote a greater healing effect on tissues and greater pain relief than far-IR. This is the reason laser therapy devices utilize near-IR wavelengths for healing and pain relief.

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