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What Will Curcumin Do For Me? Stuart’s Dr. True Has The Answer

Q: What will curcumin do for me?

A: Curcumin is the active component of the spice called turmeric. It has been in use as a spice and traditional medicine for more than 2,500 years. Turmeric is found throughout the world and has a unique name in more than 60 languages. The curcumin extract of turmeric is not new; it was first isolated in 1842. Recent scientific discoveries have confirmed that curcumin may have amazing anti-inflammatory and disease-inhibiting properties. It has the potential to inhibit the growth of many types of cancer, reverse insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetes, inhibit plaque formation in atherosclerosis and address factors that stop the development of Alzheimer's disease. These are just a few of the diseases and maladies that have been researched in the last decade in which curcumin was found to have a positive impact. Although curcumin has been used for centuries as a medical compound and thousands of scientific studies have proven it to have an outstanding impact on diseases, curcumin has not been approved as a treatment for any disease. However, taking curcumin on a daily basis is extremely safe and it is very well tolerated. There are many brands of curcumin on the market and some brands have substantially better absorption and utilization.

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(Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Simon A. Eugster)