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Sea Diva Organics

Sea Diva Organics in a few words?

Based in: Stuart

How it started: Lorna Neadow Day started Sea Diva Organics after learning she had a thyroid disease. She visited no less than five doctors, and they all told her she had to learn to live with the disease. Not wanting to settle for that answer, she began searching for natural remedies. She started producing bath salts, which she says hold key nutrients that the body needs but cannot produce by itself. Others began asking for her homemade salts, and it quickly turned into a business.

Business philosophy: Everything is based around “solé,” a natural preservative method. The products are raw and organic, using as little refining as possible. All of the methods and ingredients are sourced from ancient traditions and untouched areas of the world.

“Raw and natural, as mother nature intended,” Neadow Day says.

Favorite product:The Mermaid Soak. “It’s like a detox on steroids … [it] basically [creates] a flash mob inside your body,” Neadow Day says, adding that it’s extremely healthy because it replenishes the nutrients that the body needs.

Price Range:$10 to $60

The products can be purchased online at seadivaorganics.com, or at the Stuart-based store at 2413 SE Dixie Highway.