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Based in: Stuart

How it started: Tara Atsalis has always been proud of her heritage. “I carry a very beautiful, strong Greek last name,” she says. But, it wasn’t until 2008 that Atsalis’ parents were able to make a trip to Greece to visit her family for the first time. Her mother brought back jewelry pieces adorned with the lucky Greecian eye. Atsalis, who was a freshman at Lynn University in the fashion management program, was inspired. Since, she’s visited her family in Greece twice, opened her own store called Taradise and designed her own jewelry collection that incorporates the eye symbol.

Taradise’s business philosophy: “To educate and bring the secrets from the Island of Chios, Greece to my customers,” Atsalis says.

Favorite Product: While Atsalis says her bracelets are the stable product of her company, she and her customers also love the Mastiha hand cream. It’s made from oil produced by the Mastic tree and heals “tired, chapped hands.”

Price Range: Jewelry pieces cost between $45 and $130, while skin care products range from $8.50-$60.

Future plans: Atsalis hopes to eventually add Greecian food to the mix by introducing a “luxurious, high-end cafe” that serves authentic cuisine.

Where To BUY: Products can be purchased online at shoptaradise.com, or at the Stuart location in Regency Square. Atsalis’ collection is also sold in Greece at Tea’s Fashion in Athens, and a shop on the island of Antiparos.