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I love taking vacations, but I hate the overindulgence, post-vacation guilt. So, I have given up Caribbean cocktails, the late-night dancing and the big breakfast in bed for more relaxing, healthy fare. I have finally found vacation spots that leave you feeling relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated. So, put down your shot glass and fruity umbrella straw and let’s begin packing for a vacation that will leave you with only the gift of health … and not a post-trip hangover.

Cal-a-Vie Spa California

This haven centers on exercise and healthy portion control. The center’s exercise and diet plans are personalized to fit each guest’s goals.

29402 Spa Haven Way, Vista, Calif. / 760.945.2055 / cal-a-vie.com

The Chopra Center

This destination spa and retreat offers mind-body healing programs, yoga and meditation. The spa and the Ayurvedic treatments leave you feeling renewed, plus the yoga classes are divine.

2013 Costa del Mar Road, Carlsbad, Calif. / 760.494.1600 / chopra.com

The Pearl Laguna Beach California

“The Pearl” is a gem located in the hills of Laguna Beach. It is an ashram-based retreat owned by Yogis Geo and Katresha. This is not a spa-based retreat, but more of a vigorous, yoga-cleanse boot camp. Each day involves hiking as many as 12 miles, and includes yoga and meditation. Each day makes you feel more grateful. You’ll leave feeling lighter, stronger and more relaxed.

21095 Raquel Road, Laguna Beach, Calif. / 949.715.1674 / thepearllaguna.com