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Restaurants In Stuart Where You Can Eat Gluten-Free

Being a gluten-free consumer isn't easy. If you are like me and have celiac disease, dining out can be a scary situation.

Individuals with the disease have to be extra careful when choosing a restaurant in order to make sure the wait and kitchen staff are educated on ingredients containing gluten. Even a situation of cross contamination, which is when a non-gluten food comes in contact with an item containing gluten, can cause havoc.

There is hope for the anti-gluten diners on the Treasure Coast. Here are some of my favorite options for gluten-free dining:


Fruits and Roots

I am obsessed with this raw vegan restaurant. The staff makes sure that food is prepared with respect to any allergies.

724 S. Colorado Ave., Stuart / fruitsandrootsvegancafe.com


Josephine's Café and Bistro

The owner, Josephine, offers gluten-free crust that's cooked separately to avoid cross contamination. She also makes gluten-free pancakes, bread and other goodies.

3714 SE Ocean Blvd., Stuart / facebook.com/josephinescafe


Chef's Table

This farm-to-table restaurant uses fresh ingredients, and the staff always pays attention to any food allergies. It also offers special catering services for gluten-free hosts.

2313 SE Ocean Blvd., Stuart / chefstablestuart.com


(Image via Instagram/@fruitsnrootsstuart)