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Tools and gadgets for a healthy kitchen

Eating healthy is an investment in your overall life. You can make a healthy meal and create a healthy menu for your life with these kitchen essentials:


Juicing is a key component to health. Having a juicer is a great investment. Look for a slow-gear juicer that does not heat and results in fresher enzyme-rich juice.

My pick: Omega Juicer; omegajuicers.com


I can’t live or cook without my high-speed blender. I can make soups, smoothies and even grind up nuts and seeds.

My pick: Vitamix; vitamix.com

Food Processor

This kitchen staple is great for chopping. I love using mine for salsa and making spreads.

My Pick: Cuisinart; cuisinart.com

Food Dehydrator

If you want to create raw food that tastes good, then consider purchasing a dehydrator. This tool heats food to keep it alive and filled with nutrients and enzymes.

My Pick: Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator; excaliburdehydrator.com


If you love pasta and noodles, this gadget helps you to create them out of your favorite vegetable. I use mine to create Italian dishes with zucchini noodles.

My Pick: Paderno Spiralizer; padernousa.com