The Best Gluten-Free Options at Stuart Restaurants

by Lee Cotton May 2017 Also on Digital Edition

It seems like everyone is on a gluten-free diet these days. Some individuals avoid the protein found in wheat, rye and barley for health reasons; others feel that avoiding the foods makes them feel better. If you’re headed on a gluten-free path, check out these local eateries that offer menu items that limit the gluten but still have the taste.

Taco Shack Stuart

This tasty, local eatery serves up creative tacos and offers gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan items. If you go, try the avocado and black bean tacos. Taco Shack, 555 S. Colorado Ave.; 772.288.9696;

The Gafford

The family-owned restaurant has a Southern hospitality to charm every patron and a menu that satisfies. Chef Taylor Wilson uses farm-fresh ingredients, and the menu clearly indicates gluten-free items. Expect delicious food and impeccable service. The Gafford, 47 SW Flagler Ave.; 772.221.9517;

Berry Fresh Café

Are you craving avocado toast and want it on gluten-free bread? Berry Fresh Café is the place to go. The café uses farm-fresh ingredients and has a menu with gluten-free choices. Berry Fresh Café, 1429 SE Federal Highway; 772.324.8287;

Renato’s Italian Ristorante

Sometimes we all crave a delicious Italian meal. Renato’s is known for authentic Italian food that is fresh, and, luckily for our gluten-free friends, there are menu items that cater to their tastes. Say, “hello” to gluten-free pasta! Renato’s, 3720 SE Ocean Blvd.; 772.219.9600;

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