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Lee Cotton Explains All The Matcha Green Tea Madness

Move over latte—there is a new drink on the market.

While matcha green tea is becoming the new “it” beverage, this green drink is no fad. It originated between the seventh and 10th century in China, and was used traditionally and for health benefits. The Japanese culture uses matcha as a ceremonial drink.

Matcha means “powdered tea.” Dried green tea leaves are ground into a fine powder, which has an earthy, grassy flavor. The powder is prepared with hot water that is then mixed vigorously with a bamboo whisk until it becomes frothy. The tea contains caffeine and is comparable to a cup of coffee.

The tea can also be prepared with steamed milk and honey and can be found at coffee shops—just ask your barista to make a drink of your choice. The powdered leaves are also sold commercially in a powder form, and have even be made into soft serve and other tasty delights.

The bright green leaves are the source of health benefits and antioxidants. (The antioxidant power of matcha is 137 times higher than a conventional brewed green tea.) Antioxidants guard the body and fight free radicals and are full of immune-boosting elements.

Prepare a cup and make your own tea ritual. The deep flavor and earthy tones will ground you and lift your spirit. Indulge in your own ceremony of peace and solitude.

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