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10 Things About Stuart And The Treasure Coast We’re Thankful For

While we’re always thankful for the beauty (and sense of community) the Treasure Coast has to offer, it’s still nice to take some time to reflect on what makes our small piece of paradise so special. 

After all, we choose to call this place home for a reason.

From stunning sunrises to friendly neighbors, there are so many things to cherish about our area. This list could easily include 100 things—trust us, we did that once before—but for time’s sake, here are the top 10 things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving. 

10. All of our local businesses—from the newcomers to the staples. We’re absolutely certain the Treasure Coast would be much different without you. 

9. Our festivals and those who organize them. Every event is an excuse to get out there and greet our neighbors, enjoy fresh seafood, gawk at dazzling holiday displays, or dance our worries away to live music. Thank you for encouraging us to get out of the house and enjoy life.

8. Our athletes—both youth and professional—that come to the Treasure Coast for spring training, major tournaments or just to enjoy some time with family. We’re always rooting for you. 

7. Our wildlife—the sea turtles, sea hares, blue crabs, fish and other marine life—and those who care for them. (Shout-out to our dogs and cats, too!)

6. Our volunteers, who selflessly dedicate their time to helping others. You are truly an inspiration. 

5. Our veterans and active-duty service members. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for your sacrifice. Thank you for keeping us—and our country—safe. We are forever indebted to you. 

4. Our rich history. There’s no doubt that the Stuart area has seen some changes throughout the years (some welcome, others not so much), but we've also come a long way. 

3. Our arts and culture. Whether we’re taking in a performance at the Sunrise Theatre, checking out the works of local artists at boutiques or murals around town, or getting crafty during local art walks, there’s always something to let us exercise our creative sides.

2. Our weather. Simply put: Nothing beats 80 degrees and sunny in February. (We have a feeling our seasonal residents would very much agree.)

1. Most of all we’re thankful for youour kind community—who never ceases to make the Treasure Coast feel like home. Here’s to the teachers, the doctors, the parents, the officers, the firefighters, the city officials and the future generations. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

(Image via Flickr/Mitch Kloorfain)

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