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11 Maple Street In Jensen Beach Just Made Its Debut On Cooking Channel Show 'Emeril’s Florida'

Jensen Beach restaurant 11 Maple Street can now say it has Emeril Lagasse’s stamp of approval. 

The small eatery—run by Michael and Margie Perinn—was recently featured in the “Hidden Gems” episode of Cooking Channel show “Emeril’s Florida.” 

The episode first aired Sunday, March 13, but it's slated to run again on Thursday, March 17. 

Co-owner Margie Perrin said the family held a watch party at her sister-in-law’s house to celebrate the premiere. She admits seeing herself on TV was a little strange but says it was all worth it. 

“It was surreal, it was fun,” Margie said. “[Because] all the hard labor that we had done for 30 years...it was rewarding.” 

While she has been to Lagasse’s restaurants in New Orleans and Orlando, she never expected to meet the acclaimed chef in person, nevertheless have him as a guest at the restaurant.

“He was wonderful,” she said. “He was so appreciative of the food they were preparing.” 

Margie said watching Michael—who's the chef at 11 Maple Street—interact with Lagasse was one of the most memorable parts of the experience. 

For the show, Michael chose to highlight about eight signature meals popular among guests. Lagasse seemed to like all of the options—the pan-fried conch in particular—and finished the dishes. Margie said crew members remarked it was rare for him to clean his plate. 

The Perrins were first notified the restaurant was going to be featured on "Emeril's Florida" in May 2015. Filming took place in June, October and February, so as you can imagine, the excitement for the finished product has been building for a while. 

The wait paid off, though: The show’s airing has definitely had an impact on business. 

“My phone has been ringing off the wall, and people have been driving by,” Margie said. 

The exposure is undoubtedly a plus for the restaurant, but it’s also a perk for the community: The episode puts Jensen Beach on the map for tourists who may not know about the area, Margie said.

11 Maple Street; 3224 NE Maple Ave., Jensen Beach 

Check out a teaser for the episode, below, and be sure to catch (or record) the next airing on March 17 at 10:30 a.m. ET. 

(Image via Facebook/11 Maple Street)