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11 Signs You Did, In Fact, Grow Up In Stuart

Living in a small town is something people often take for granted. But growing up in a tight-knit community like Stuart is worth reminiscing about.

With our beautiful waterways, award-winning downtown area, and friendly seaside neighbors, it's no wonder so many locals choose to call Stuart their "forever" home. 

Here are 11 signs you grew up in the small town of Stuart.

1. You not only have a favorite beach, but a favorite spot on the beach.


2. You have a go-to meal at every local restaurant, because you've eaten there so many times.


3. You have every alternate route memorized… You’ll need them when the snowbirds come.


4. You remember when you could only get Chick-Fil-A at the mall's food court.


5. You went to the Environmental Studies Center on school field trips… every year.


Image via Facebook/ Environmental Studies Council


6. You can’t go grocery shopping without seeing someone you know.


7. You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know.


8. You got your dog from the old pet store that was in the Treasure Coast Mall.


9. You spent your summers snorkeling along the reefs at Bathtub Beach before the hurricane erosion.


Photo by Erin West


10. You spent every weekend exploring all of Martin and St. Lucie County's waterways, and made sure to keep them clean.


Image via Flickr/Jared


11. You can't imagine living anywhere else.


Image via Flickr/ Mitch Kloorfain