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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Vanessa Williams, Who Is Coming To StarStruck Theatre In March

Vanessa Williams is many things—an actress, singer, Broadway star and former Miss America, just to name a few. But before the talented artist heads to Stuart’s StarStruck Theatre in March, we thought it would be fun to share a few things you might not know about her. (For example, did you know that she’s the voice of M&M character Ms. Brown? True story.) Here are five fun facts that might come in handy on trivia night. 

1. She preps for a performance with tea and crossword puzzles. 

“I try to rest my voice as much as possible the day of a show. After sound check/rehearsal, I enjoy relaxing with a pot of tea (Mighty Tea Leaf’s Green Tea, Tropical is my favorite) and a couple of mind-stimulating crossword puzzles. After that, I’ll do my vocal exercises while in hair and make-up—then it’s show time!” she said.

2. She’s the voice behind Ms. Brown, the M&M.

Everyone knows the sassy, glasses-wearing female M&M’s character that made her debut in 2012. (Definitely a breath of fresh air from the other M&M’s characters who are always getting into trouble!) In an interview with The Huffington Post, Williams called her decision to voice Ms. Brown “an easy one” and mentioned the two share some similar characteristics. 

“Ms. Brown graduated from an Ivy League school and majored in business. I graduated from Syracuse and majored in musical theater! So it's a completely different type of business. She's well-traveled and so am I. She's single and has no kids, so that's another big difference. But she does like to work hard and be in control, and I certainly have a lot to manage in my career,” she told the news outlet. 

3. She majored in musical theater.

Williams proudly calls Syracuse University her alma mater. The school’s BFA program is often considered among the top in the nation.

4. She has four children and says motherhood has given her the most satisfaction in life. 

“Watching my children grow up and become successful in their own right brings me great joy and happiness. They are all doing so well, and I’m very proud of the direction their lives are headed,” she said. 

5. Music has been part of her life since she was little, and she hopes she can introduce more kids—including those in Martin County—to the arts. 

“My brother, Chris, and I had the honor and privilege of growing up in … a musical household. For a variety of reasons, this is not the case for all children. I will go so far as to say … for most children,” she said. 

Impressed by StarStruck co-founders Peter and Jennifer Jones’ commitment to the community, Williams praised the program’s accomplishments and expressed her desire to help the theater—which is currently leasing its location—raise money to help local children pursue their dreams. 

“Tens of thousands of patrons have attended one, or more, of the performances featuring [StarStruck’s] young artists, and this year, six StarStruck students are employed by national and international touring companies,” she said. “Now [the Joneses] need help from their community to raise the funds required to purchase a permanent home and continue their great work in harmony with their mission.”  


Williams will be at the StarStruckTheatre Gala, presented by Patricia L. Lambrecht, on March 3. The event will feature cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, as well as musical performances by the star and the theater’s young artists. There will also be a moderated discussion focusing on the importance of the arts in children’s lives. 

For more information, visit StarStruckFl.org

(Image via Facebook/Vanessa Williams)