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All Things Treasure Coast, Online Directory, Will Make Planning Your Weekend Easier Than Ever

Navigating the Treasure Coast just got easier.

All Things Treasure Coast, a new online directory that helps keep locals up to date on events and resources around town, went live May 1.

The website helps users gather information, photos, coupons and more on everything from wedding vendors and health stores, to nightlife and restaurants. Creating a visual map for visitors, the online directory also highlights the area’s attractions, businesses and real estate.

Based in Fort Pierce, the full-service internet marketing and design firm launched the website in hopes that it would help local businesses extend their marketing efforts to the internet.

The brain behind the operation is Dana Trabulsy, who has lived on the Treasure Coast for nearly 20 years.

“Living here for so many years, I have heard over and over again, 'There’s nothing to do,'" she said. "There’s so much to do, but when I started diving into it, I realized you have to go to about 47 websites to figure out what’s going on.

In January, Trabulsy began compiling all of that information into a single database, so that visitors can easily plan their weekends without making their way down a checklist of resources.

The comprehensiveness of the site brings advertisers and businesses exposure—an aspect that caught party supplier Traxx Entertainment's attention.

“I’ve seen her insights and web dynamics and how many hits and exposure she’s seen. She’s shared those insights with us, and it’s very impressive,” said Traxx Entertainment co-owner Lynette Marraffa. “I have complete confidence in what she’s doing and what she proposes, and I know she’s going to work hard to make it successful."

So, where do you start? Trabulsy suggests checking out the events page, which features all the happenings in the area; the resource guide (for tourists or newcomers to the Treasure Coast); and the nonprofit section, which informs visitors who’s in need and how they can help.

One page that is still under construction—but will no doubt be a hit—is the Beer and Wine Section, which will advertise trendy local craft breweries and highlight some of their best products.

Stuart Magazine is a community partner for All Things Treasure Coast.

(Photos via Facebook/All Things Treasure Coast)

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