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A Dream Wedding

Almost two months ago, Stuart Magazine held a wedding giveaway contest where participants entered to win a fabulous wedding package by submitting an essay explaining why they deserved to have the wedding of their dreams.

Kevin Jaworski's heartfelt essay about his bride-to-be, Susan Riley, truly swept us off our feet. The couple is looking forward to making memories that will last a lifetime with a wedding they’ll never forget courtesy of the best wedding professionals on the Treasure Coast.

In an interview with Stuart Magazine, Kevin and Susan share their excitement about the upcoming wedding while also basking in the many blissful memories they’ve already made since first meeting.

How did you both meet?

K & S: We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We sat across from each other and instantly had a connection. We talked through the whole dinner and knew we were a perfect fit.

What sealed the deal? In other words, when did you both know the other was "the one" for you?

K: For me, there was not just one moment that sealed the deal. I enjoyed every moment I’ve had with her since we met.

S: I first knew Kevin was “The One” when he met my family. We had Easter dinner together and he was a perfect gentleman. I think seeing him fit in so well with my family really sealed the deal for me.

Kevin, how did you propose?

K: I proposed in St. Augustine, which is one of our favorite towns. I took Susan on a carriage ride through the city and popped the question at the end. I barely had time to get the words out before she yelled, “Yes!”

Tell me about your relationship. How do you make it work, working two completely different schedules?

K: As many know, it is hard to be in a relationship with a law enforcement officer. The hours are long and can change without notice. For Susan and me, it is important to spend as much time together as we can. We live life to the fullest and work together to balance our demanding careers. Susan has been very supportive of my career and helped me adjust to my new position on night shift. I wouldn’t be able to get through the day and night without her.

What do you love most about each other?

K: The thing I love most about Susan is that she always makes me smile. She is definitely the light in my life and just looking at her makes me happy.

S: I love everything about Kevin. He has been my rock for the past two years and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Kevin, how'd you discover the contest and what made you decide to enter it?

K: I first heard about the contest through Facebook. I entered it because I wanted to give Susan the wedding of her dreams. With the help and generosity of the vendors participating in the contest I know Susan will be able to get her fairy tale wedding.

Can you tell me how you both felt when you discovered you won?

K: I was shocked when I received the first phone call saying that we were selected to be interviewed. I never imagined that we would be the couple selected to win such a great offer. After the interview, we were nervous with anticipation. Like any interview, we were eager to know the results. When I received the second phone call saying we won, I was beyond ecstatic. I immediately called Susan at work to tell her the news. She was so ecstatic on the phone that I could hardly understand what she was saying.

How's the wedding planning coming along? Have you picked a date, location, theme, etc.?

K & S: The wedding plans are in motion. Our date is Sept. 18, 2015 and it will be at the Santa Lucia River Club. All of this could not be possible without the help of the vendors participating in the contest. They have been absolutely amazing and seem to be the best in the business. I am extremely grateful for their generosity.

What is it that you're both looking forward to the most after being married?

S: I am looking forward to spending my life with my best friend.


Read Kevin’s winning essay here: 

I would have never imagined that on one random night at a friend’s birthday party I would meet the girl I would spend the rest of my life with. Sitting across from me was this beautiful girl that I could not stop looking at. Something about her just captured my attention and I knew I had to meet her. It all started with a “hello” and a simple introduction. I told her that I was a Deputy Sheriff for a local agency. She, like most people replied, “Isn’t that a dangerous job?” Although this question is often asked it is never easy to answer. How am I supposed to explain to someone, especially this amazing girl the battle we go through every day during a shift. The hardest part was knowing that if I start a relationship there is a chance that I will not come home to her one day. With all of these thoughts rushing through my mind I told her, “It is the best job I’ll ever have.”

As we talked through the night we instantly realized that this was a perfect match. Right from the beginning we were the classic cheesy couple; Holding hands, finishing each other’s sentences and everyone saying that we look so cute together. We had so much fun together and never wanted to be apart. Early on in our relationship she realized that dating a deputy is not always the easiest. Holidays, birthdays, nights, weekends, date nights, etc. can all change last minute. Leaving dinner to work a night shift, coming home hours after the end of shift because there was a deadly crash, all things that would test even the strongest relationships.

With all of these things that could break a relationship apart we still made it work. We grew closer together as time went on and that lead up to the proposal. I happiest day of my life was when I could finally tell me best friend that I wanted to spend my life with her. We traveled up to St. Augustine for the weekend and I came up with this whole plan to ask her. When it came time to pop the question I was extremely nervous. I would be more comfortable going into a gun fight then sitting there waiting the second for her to give her answer. When I pulled the ring out of my pocket I barely had time to speak before she shouted, “Yes!” As soon as I heard that word I became the happiest guy in the world.

My fiancé is the best person I know. She has supported my career and helped me through hard times, bad days and horrible 911 calls for service. Like most law enforcement wives, girlfriends, fiancés know, it is hard to love and support what they do knowing that each kiss goodbye could be their last. They know that it is important to make each moment and each day count. These are just a few reasons why I feel my fiancé deserves the fairytale weddings of her dreams. 

- Kevin Jaworski