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Florida ranks as the 8th worst state for teachers

Florida ranked 44 out of 51 on WalletHub’s study of “2014’s Best and Worst States for Teachers,” after analyzing the 50 states and Washington, D.C. That means Florida placed as the 8th worst state for educators to work in.

The states that ranked lower than Florida, starting from the bottom, were: North Carolina, Mississippi, West Virginia, South Dakota, Hawaii, Arizona and South Carolina. Florida also had one of the lowest job competition rates amongst teachers.

The study declares the 5 best states are Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Virginia.

Eighteen key metrics, ranging from median starting salary to teacher job opening per capita, helped create this simplified list of the best teaching opportunities in the country. Pupil to teacher ratio, school safety, public school spending and average work hours also were factored into the study.

While many public school teachers are shortchanged with salaries that fail to keep up with inflation, their workloads grow to heightened demand to improve student performance. So it’s no surprise about a fifth of all new public school teachers leave their positions before the end of their first year, according to the National Center of Education Statistics.

The study was released just in time for World Teachers Day on Oct. 5.

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