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‘Hotel Hell’ Episode Featuring Beachfront Inn In Fort Pierce To Air July 19. Here’s What To Expect.

Remember that time Gordon Ramsay was in Fort Pierce? Well now it’s time to see what all the commotion was about. 

The “Hotel Hell” episode featuring the Beachfront Inn and its restaurant, The Inlet Grill, will air Tuesday, July 19, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. 

The reality TV show—which aims to transform hotels, motels and inns in need of help—was in town filming back in October 2015. Guests were invited to make reservations at the restaurant and book a stay at the hotel, which Ramsay (yes, the chef from “Hell’s Kitchen") then went on to advise. 

The show first reached out to owner Brian Paul after coming across “some not-so-positive reviews,” but when it came time for filming, executive producer Lindsay Kugler said one of the most memorable experiences was seeing just how much locals rallied around the property. 

“[W]e were very impressed with how tight the community was and willing to support each other,” she said. “They knew Beachfront had problems and they were willing to give honest feedback.”

Since the filming, changes to the property have included renovated rooms, improved menu items, a lifeguard stand-turned-kiosk, a renovated deck, new table settings and more. 

Viewers should expect some cringe-worthy scenes (as is the case with all reality TV, right?), as well as some important management lessons. 

“This episode gives an inside look on how hands-on you need to be when running a business," Kugler said. "There are a lot of moving parts, and it's very important to be a tough boss, especially when friends are involved. There are quite a few discoveries that Gordon Ramsay makes.”

Beachfront Inn general manager Liza de la Torre said she hasn’t seen any footage from the episode beyond the teasers released online. But, as someone who had never seen the show before meeting Ramsay, she’s been doing her research so there are no surprises.

“Of course, since then, I’ve been watching every single one to find out what I’m in store for,” she said.

The Inlet, which recently thanked Ramsay and loyal customers for their help in a Facebook post, will be hosting a viewing party when the episode airs Tuesday.

Beachfront Inn and The Inlet Grill; 110 S Ocean Drive, Fort Pierce


Check out some photos from the show: 

Beachfront Inn

Beachfront Inn

Beachfront Inn

Beachfront Inn

Beachfront Inn

(Photos courtesy of FOX)