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Red’s Pantry Opens In Stuart, Offering Residents Coffee, Health Food Items And Specialty Products From Local Businesses

Red’s Pantry quietly opened its doors a little over two weeks ago, but the community has already embraced the food, coffee and specialty items it has to offer. 

The cafe and market, located at 980 SE Indian St. in the Willoughby Crossroads, aims to sell a variety of specialty items, including quail eggs, cheese, bison, elk, honey, protein shakes and pastries, as well as products like candles, soaps, blankets, dog treats and cocktail mixers. 

“[I’m] trying to bring back the feeling of a classic provisional store,” owner Jaclyn Marsh said, emphasizing that all the items are either local or made in the USA.

Essentially, she wants Red’s Pantry to be a place where residents can have access to the types of products sold at the Stuart Green Market—except they’ll be available all week long. 

Marsh, a former firefighter from the New York and New Jersey area, opened the store after moving to Stuart about two years ago following an injury. 

She had a difficult time finding healthy on-the-go food options and decided to do something about it. She now serves up protein shakes and paleo and gluten-free pastries, among other items, to customers that so far include CrossFit enthusiasts, golfers and women looking for the specialty items she has in stock. 

"There really is something for everyone," she said. 

The decision to open up shop in the area was pretty much a no-brainer. Her parents have lived in Willoughby for some time, and she’s a big fan of the tight-knit community. 

“It’s like ‘Cheers,’ where everybody knows your name,” Marsh said. 

She’s also looking to make a lasting impression on seasonal residents, whom she hopes to keep as customers year-round by offering shipping options on her website. 

“[This way] when the snowbirds do go home, they can continue to eat this way,” Marsh explained.

The store's design is patriotic, rustic and simple—attributes Marsh said are very much part of her personality.

“I believe in clear mind, clear body,” she said, adding that her home was decorated the same way. 

And in case you were curious, she’s the “Red” in Red’s Pantry. 

“They used to call me ‘Red’ on fire department, and I have red hair,” she said, laughing. 

Marsh had a hard time choosing what she would recommend to a first-time customer, but after giving it some thought, she decided a pastry and cold-brew coffee was the way to go. (Tip: The red velvet protein peanut spread was also a top contender.) 

The shop is currently operating under a soft opening, but Marsh is looking to have a grand opening in November. 

Red’s Pantry; 980 SE Indian St., Stuart 

Red’s Pantry

Red’s Pantry

Red’s Pantry

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