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Smallcakes Is Open For Business In Stuart, And It's Serving Up More Than Just Cupcakes

Happiness is only a cupcake away. 

At least that’s the thinking at Smallcakes, a treat shop that opened its doors in Stuart on Nov. 5. 

The pink-and-white store, which has been operating somewhat under the radar, expects to hold its grand opening celebration in late January. 

So far, business has been steady, with a good number of customers hearing about the store via Smallcakes Stuart's Facebook page, co-owner Rhett Yingling said. 

Yingling and his brother actually have a franchise location in Port St. Lucie, but he and wife, Marcela—who are expecting their first child—decided to open a store together in Stuart, where they have relatives. 

“[To] be back close to family and our roots, it’s been good,” Yingling said.  

Besides, he loves what he calls Stuart’s “old-school vibe.” 

“I like how it still [has] a small-town feel in South Florida,” he said. 

The shop has 19 cupcake flavors to choose from on a daily basis. Sixteen are served regularly, and three are specialty items. 

Asked to choose a favorite, Yingling offered that the red velvet is what made them famous, but said customers also really love the birthday cake and chocolate cream. 

Cupcakes aren’t the only tasty confections Smallcakes is selling, either. The shop also has gourmet ice-cream and cupcake milkshakes, which—yes—literally have the baked desserts right in the mixture.

The store even carries gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.

If you’re looking to send family or friends a little piece of home this holiday season, Smallcakes is offering to ship cupcakes in a jar. There’s also a private room in the front that can be reserved—at no charge—for birthday parties, cupcake-icing events and more. 

Check out some photos of the shop, below.

Smallcakes Stuart; 2297 SE Federal Highway, Stuart