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Stuart Coffee Company Begins Happy Hour Specials

A morning java run to Stuart Coffee Company is a must for many residents. But now, the cafe is hoping to draw locals to the downtown hot spot for happy hour, too. 

Beginning May 2, Stuart Coffee Company will be offering 50 percent off a weekly featured beer, plus $1 off all beer and wine.

The special will be available Mondays through Thursdays, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Guests who take advantage of the offer on May 2 will also receive a complimentary hors d’oeuvre. The first featured beer will be Golden Monkey. 

As the cafe—now owned by Kevin and Donna Barnes—looks to add special art nights to its schedule, running promotions on beer and wine seemed like a natural way to begin attracting the after-work crowd.  

“[We wanted to] make sure that the evenings were lively enough to support that,” said Kat Duesterhaus, who runs social media for Stuart Coffee Company. “Come on in after your morning coffee or your afternoon coffee.” 

Though final details are still being sorted out, Duesterhaus said the shop plans to host live paint nights, as well as a monthlong "fresh art" series featuring works from up to three local artists, in the coming weeks. The goal is to begin engaging the community via social media and have residents vote on the pieces they want to see—whether they’re creations from high school students or from more experienced artists. 

This way, as Duesterhaus puts it, “it’s about what kind of art does everyone like?" 

Duesterhaus—who discovered Stuart Coffee Company after moving to town from Los Angeles about a year ago—said she became a fan of the shop for more than its brews and Wi-Fi access. Like her, a lot of patrons set up their laptops and make the cafe their office for the afternoon. The vibe reminded her of the co-working spaces with which she was familiar. 

“Sometimes it’s nice to get yourself out of the house and meet other professionals in the area,” she said, adding that Stuart Coffee Company has been her second office since. 

So, what does she think of her new home so far? 

“I can see why everyone comes here and stays; it’s absolutely paradise,” she said. 

Correction: The complimentary hors d’oeuvre will only be available on May 2.