Watch Sailfish Chase Sardines In Mesmerizing Underwater Video By South Florida Photographer Sarosh Jacob

by Ileana Llorens Mar 09, 2016 06:01 PM

Watch Sailfish Chase Sardines In Mesmerizing Underwater Video By South Florida Photographer Sarosh Jacob

Stuart may be known as the "Sailfish Capital of the World," but it's certainly not the only place where the billfish can be found. 

South Florida photographer Sarosh Jacob was off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, recently, when he captured this stunning video of sailfish hunting sardines. 

The nearly three-minute clip gives viewers a front-row seat to a rapid-moving chase that showcases the fish in their natural element. 

The action proved for captivating footage, but it made for some close calls, too. 

The Fort Lauderdale resident recalled a day when the group was shooting a group of particularly "hyper" sailfish chasing a school of sardines. 

"The visibility was not as good, and this particular group of sailfish were in a total frenzy attacking the ball of sardines like a pack of rabid dogs," Jacob explained. 

At one point, a sailfish came barreling behind a sardine that was heading straight toward Jacob and his photographer friend. 

"I was shooting photos at that moment so I committed to the shot and held my position, and at the last second, the sailfish turned just enough to miss my face and went right between myself and Jason Sintek, who was about two feet to my right," he said. "Imagine this 8-foot sailfish literally 'threading the needle' in the space between our heads. It was so close we both stopped shooting and looked at each other in shock. It was the most memorable moment of the trip." 

Though he hasn't made it out to Stuart, Jacob said a visit is likely in the near future. 

"My photographer friends and I were talking about trying to shoot sailfish in Florida, so Stuart is one of the places we were thinking about," he said. 

Check out the video, below.

For more of Jacob's work, visit www.saroshjacob.com, or his Facebook page

(Image above is a screengrab from Vimeo/Sarosh Jacob)

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