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At Wine And Design In Stuart, Create Pinterest Projects While Sipping A Glass (Or Two) Of Red

Pinterest fans, listen up: There’s a local workshop right here in Stuart that helps you build all those stunning DIY projects that you’ve spent countless hours admiring on the social curation website.

Wine & Design, the brainchild of local interior designer Francesca Morgan, aims to be a monthly workshop where locals can come together to craft items like menu boards, prayer boards, ottomans and more—and do it all while enjoying a glass of red or white in hand. 

Morgan, a self-proclaimed “Pinterest junkie,” holds the event at her interior design studio at 227 SE Ocean Blvd. She said the idea came about as a way to generate buzz for business and just have fun with the community. 

“Who doesn’t like having wine and making something cool that you can take home with you?” she said. 

The best part? A knack for crafting isn't a prerequisite. 

A project guide is there to help attendees—who are invited to bring a bottle of their favorite vino—with any questions and problems they might have. 

Morgan, who's lived in the Stuart area for about 20 years, often joins in on the fun but joked that she offers more motivation than guidance.

She does, however, keep a pinboard with future project ideas and said guests are free to offer their own suggestions. After all, the goal is to have people walk out with a professional-looking product they're proud to display in their homes. 

“[It’s] all about immediate gratification,” Morgan said. “Pinterest is so inspiring; there are so many projects you can do.” 

So far, three workshops have been held. The next event is scheduled for Feb. 11. 

For those looking for a more personal experience, Wine & Design is holding a contest to win a private party. The winner and five friends will enjoy a night filled with wine and tapas as they put together serving trays perfect for entertaining. The winner will be announced Jan. 29.

For more information on Wine & Design and the contest, visit the Facebook event page.

(Photo via Facebook/Francesca Morgan Interiors)