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How This Local Couple Knew They Were Meant to Be

WHAT THEY DO: Spencer, 27, is a full-time student at NSUCOM, and Kera, 27, is a microbiologist at the AEML Inc. lab.

HOW THEY MET: Spencer and Kera became acquaintances during their junior year of high school. After graduating, they went to see a movie with one of their mutual friends. “When he went to buy his ticket, the man at the window said, ‘Two tickets for you?’”Kera recalls. “Spencer looked back at me and said, ‘Yeah, let me get two tickets.’ He was so sweet and so funny, we’ve been together ever since.”

HOW THEY KNEW THEY’D FOUND THE ONE: Kera says there wasn’t a specific moment, but instead it happened over time. “He’s my best friend, he’s my person in this world, and I couldn’t imagine a life without him,” she says.

ON THE PROPOSAL: The two went to dinner to celebrate Spencer’s acceptance into medical school, and when they came back home, Spencer gave Kera a belated birthday present. It was a scrapbook filled with pictures from each year they had spent together. “When I thought I reached the last page, I closed the book and started crying happy tears—this was the sweetest thing I’ve ever been given, and it just radiated love,” Kera says. He then told her she skipped a page, so she began looking through it again until she flipped to a page that read: “Will you marry me?” “I was stunned. I had no clue this was about to happen, and when I looked at him he was down on one knee with a ring I had only dreamed about,” she says.

ON THE CEREMONY AND RECEPTION SITE: The couple decided to wed at Kera’s parents’ 5-acre home in Palm City to avoid having to deal with any restrictions or time frames. “One day we’ll be able to show our children where we got married at their grandparents’ home, and I think that’s the most special part,” Kera says.

ON THE THEME: Since Spencer and Kera aren’t “glitzy” or “over-the-top people,” they chose to have a soft and subtle floral theme. She chose to have silver dollar eucalyptus draped over as many surfaces as possible with subtle hints of white flowers mixed throughout.

ON THE SPECIAL DETAILS: The last dance holds a special place in Kera’s heart. All of the guests moved to the front of the house for the sparkler send off, leaving her and Spencer alone. The DJ turned on “Makin’ Plans” by Miranda Lambert, and the two walked under the arbor to share their vows.

WEDDING DATE: March 10, 2018||

CEREMONY AND RECEPTION LOCATION: The Pelletts’ home in Palm City||


FOOD: Firehouse Catering||

CAKE MAKER: Cakes by Crystal||

MUSIC: Traxx Entertainment||

PHOTOGRAPHER: Danielle Love Photography||

VIDEOGRAPHER: Grayson O’Hara||

FLORIST: A Goode Florist |

INVITATIONS: Pipkin Paper Company, Etsy

Pipkin Paper Company, Etsy

BHLDN Bridal

Cakes by Crystal

A Goode Florist

Grayson O’Hara