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10 Local Landscape Architects That Enhance Our City’s Beauty

These 10 landscape architects design everything— from gardens, to public parks, to playgrounds—that enhance our city's natural beauty. Here, they share their passion for bringing designs to life.

1. Daniel J. Sugg

Owner of Daniel J. Sugg, Landscape Architect/Site Planner

“It is very rewarding to create a sense of space for outdoor areas where people can enjoy the nature that we have been blessed with by blending the natural and built environments together on a site in a sustainable fashion.”

2. Eric Harrison

Landscape Architect, Chen Moore & Associates

“I enjoy the process and evolution of a project, from inception through construction, because no two projects are alike and each presents its own challenges. I also get a kick out of trying to explain what I do and how things are built to my wife and kids.”

3. Dylan L. Roden

Landscape Architect at Gentile Glas Holloway O'Mahoney & Associates Inc.

“Through my interest in environmental science and horticulture in high school, I chose an internship in landscape architecture, with the firm that I still work at now. That internship led to a job, to a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Florida, and to a fulfilling career.”

4. Michael Flaugh

Principal of Michael Flaugh, Landscape Architect

“I am blessed to be very busy, and because of that, I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with a lot of clients. This relationship with the community has given me the opportunity to move the idea of landscapes into a more sustainable, sensible direction.”

5. Larry Parr

Landscape Architect/President at LPLA Inc.

“I like being able to help folks get their project moving by analyzing their ideas and organizing the various elements to avoid future problems through careful site planning and planting design.”

6. Greg Boggs

Principal at Boggs Planning + Landscape Architecture

“[What's most rewarding is] creating space to be enjoyed by the user, and making the client happy.”

7. Daniel T. Sorrow

Project Manager at Cotleur & Hearing

“My designs have greatly enhanced how shopping centers, schools, churches, offices buildings and single-family homes look—not just from an aesthetic viewpoint but also for their functionality. The projects I have designed will be part of the societal fabric of everyday lives for generations to come.”

8. Jane Krebs

Director of Landscape Architecture at Lucido and Associates

“Landscape architecture allows me to blend my interest in art with my love of nature and being outdoors.”

9. Todd A. Troxell

Senior Project Manager/Designer at HJA Design Studio

“As a planner and landscape architect, I have helped design communities, parks, streetscapes and resorts that are shaping the way our community lives and looks.”

10. Michael N. Sapusek

President of Intuitive Design Group

“I have always desired to provide our clients with consistent, environmentally sensitive solutions, which exhibit quality and design integrity. I believe this philosophy helped shape the projects that I have worked on in Martin County and along the Treasure Coast.”