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10 Runners On The Treasure Coast Who Truly Go The Distance

It takes a special amount of dedication to finish a marathon. It takes even more dedication to finish first. These 10 runners are some of Martin and St. Lucie counties' best. Here, they share humble beginnings and what keeps them going, 20 miles in.

(*PB stands for personal best marathon time)

1. Erin Connolly

PB: 3:50:56

Jensen Beach

“When I am running, my emotions take over and I think of everything from being in awe of the marathon experience, being thankful to be there in that moment, thinking of my supportive husband and kids, to the friends that I have trained with, and to the hardships and strength of loved ones. When I run through the finish, it means so much more to me than just the miles completed.”

2. Rankin Smith Holloway

PB: 4:11:51

Palm City

“I fell in love with running 11 years ago after my son, Linden, was born. A friend loaned a jogging stroller to me and I began walking with him until, eventually, we were running throughout Palm City and then, before I knew it, I was running long distance and entering local races.”

3. Phil Cromer

PB: 3:15:16

Palm City

“As a kid I always loved to run. Whether it was on the soccer field or playing football, I always enjoyed the feeling of running fast.”

4. Brenda Wilson

PB: 2:59:00


“It's a great way to meet people. When we moved to Stuart, one of the first things I did was join the local running club, the Sailfish Striders, and have made some lasting relationships.”

5. Randall Wallace McKeon

PB: 4:07:09


“I have always loved running. I love the freedom of it, how strong it makes me feel, and how it can turn a bad day into a good one.”

6. Will Glover

PB: 3:10:00


“Even though I have ran since high school, I didn't fall in love with running till my late 20s, after a bout with cancer. Running has given me the ability to prove to myself (and maybe others) that we are greater than the bad things that happen to us.”

7. Janet Napolitano

PB: 4:00:09


“Disney was my first [marathon] and I was on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection, and had both knees wrapped in ace bandages due to tendonitis. I finished in just over five hours and knew I'd do it again.”

8. Joan Bauman Klostreich

PB: 3:17:00

Palm City

“Running helps keep me energized—body and mind. It is my time to think things through when I'm alone, and to develop best friendships when I'm running with my training buddies.”

9. Krista Mueller

PB: 3:09:38


“I fell in love with running as a teenager when I discovered I could be alone with my thoughts and I enjoyed the feeling of pushing myself physically. I feel running is therapeutic and my opportunity to escape my daily stresses, and recharge my mental battery.”

10. Ryan Askeland

PB: 3:21:53


“My first experience with any type of long distance running was a 200-mile Ragnar relay from Miami to Key West. Eight of us spent 32 hours rotating in and out of a van through the night. Between the physical accomplishment and the camaraderie among the group, I was hooked.”