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10 Solar Power Professionals Who Are At The Forefront Of Implementing Clean Energy Solutions On The Treasure Coast

These 10 professionals are at the forefront of implementing and advocating for solar power in our community. Here, they tell us what got them started in the industry, and what keeps them going.


1. Larry Kosakowski

Resource Manager at Sunshine Land Design, Inc.

“Using solar energy can lead to greater energy independence and lower energy bills. Using solar power has a direct impact on reducing global warming.”


2. Robert Zrallack

President and CEO at Solar Energy Systems

“[I] relocated to Florida in the 1970s with a background in electronic engineering. Moving to a place named ‘The Sunshine State' seemed a perfect fit for helping to solar-power homes and keep the environment stay as pristine as possible.”


3. Stephanie Holloran

National Sales Manager at Solar Electric Power Company–SEPCO

“I have always been drawn to helping people and obtained my graduate degree in social work. The global society presents a need, which requires help on a broader scale. The combination of working with people on solar projects and in the industry, as well as the highly technical daily processes, has held my interest over the last 14 years.”


4. Steve Robbins

President, International Sales at Solar Electric Power Company—SEPCO

“We are ruining our earth. Reducing pollution and its effects on our earth is every human's responsibility. As a side result the community saves money on infrastructure projects and these savings go on to help improve other services.”


5. Matt Ellenberger

National Sales Manager at Sol Inc.

“Most of our business is with forward-thinking companies and communities who want to utilize a product that addresses their lighting needs responsibly. Customers get excited to see a parking lot, pathway or trail illuminated with an LED lighting system powered by solar.”


6. Sean Miller

Senior Director of Project Development with Florida Power & Light company

“I hope that my work sets the stage for continued supply of clean, affordable and reliable power to Floridians for generations to come.”


7. William A Hoysradt Jr.

President and CEO at Abundant Energy Inc.

“In 30 years I can count on one hand the number of dissatisfied customers out of the over 12,000 customers we have. Providing a person a product that exceeds their expectations and continues to work for 20 to 30 years is pretty rewarding.”


8. M. Duanne Andrade

Senior Strategic Financial Advisor /CFO, Solar and Energy Loan Fund of St. Lucie County Inc.

“We hope to revitalize our communities and stimulate economic development by providing financing for clean sustainable technologies that will preserve our quality of life, and that of the planet.”


9. Alex Rivera

SVP Project Development & Originations at Vanguard Energy Partners LLC

“Our community will benefit financially as a result of solar energy savings to the public, a more efficient grid, employment expansion and a cleaner environment.”


10. Erik F. DeLaney

Owner and Vice President at Climatic Solar Corporation

“I fell in love with solar as early as grade school. The idea that energy could be created simply by using the sun's energy was an intriguing concept.”