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10 Treasure Coast Authors Who Have Written Mystery Novels, Memoirs And More

These 10 authors of children's books, mystery novels and memoirs call the Treasure Coast home. Here, they share their passions for putting words (and illustrations) together.

1. Keith Rommel

Psychological Thrillers

Known for: The Cursed Man

“I read a lot of comic books as a kid to help overcome a reading disability. I graduated to reading novels and found an interest in writing them as a hobby at first.”

2. Ambika Devi

Fiction, Philosophy, Self-Help and Poetry

Known for: Lilith

“I love it when someone tells me, ‘I love your book,' or shares an insight they have gained.”

3. Whitney Gaskell

Women's Fiction

Known for: Table for Seven

“I believe all writers begin as readers. I fell in love with reading and writing at a young age, and being a published author was my childhood dream.”

4. Gene Hull

Fiction, Poetry, Memoir

Known for: Chasing the Muse

“Knowing I was burned out with long careers in entertainment and the cruise-line business, I sought to develop a different kind of creative pursuit and enrolled in the creative writing program at FIU in Miami.”

5. Janeen Mason

Children's Picture Books

Known for: Ocean Commotion: Sea Turtles!

“I speak in schools as a visiting author/illustrator, and I love meeting with kids across the country who read my books. I believe in them, consequently I think our future holds great promise.”

6. Mary E. Dawson

Historical Fiction

Known for: The River Way Home: The Adventures of the Cowboy, the Indian, & the Amazon Queen

“I fall in love with the idea of the characters and use the Internet to learn everything I can about them, the land and time in which they lived, and the forces that shaped and challenged them. Once I know them well enough, I usually don't need to make much up, because the historical truth provides enough drama and conflict to drive the story.”

7. Joanna Campbell Slan

Mystery, Historical Mystery, and Nonfiction

Known for: Tear Down and Die: Cara Mia Delgatto Mystery Series

“Writing is how I make sense of the world. I can't remember a time when I didn't want to be an author.”

8. MJ Twinley

Children's Picture Books

Known for: Surfing Santa

“The passion of becoming an author and illustrator was always burning inside of me. I thought it was an overreach, but [I] worked hard until the dream became a reality.”

9. Catherine Bailey

Children's Picture Books

Known for: Mind Your Monsters

“It is unbelievably rewarding to watch a child become engrossed in your story, whether they furrow their brows at the monsters or smile at a little joke. In those quiet moments you see children becoming life-long readers.”

10. Tommy Rosa

Nonfiction and Children's Books

Known for: Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth

“I meditate and gather my thoughts, and then I devote clear and focused time each day [to writing].”